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Monday, 16 July 2018

 CTW-AKM - CELCIUS Training Weapon AKM
 Item Name  CELCIUS Training Weapon AKM
 Information  CELCIUS AKM – Training Weapon (Limited Stock)
  The design is based on the Russian Izamash AKM. Finally now we have the most realistic airsoft AKM. The appearance, material, weight and dimension are absolutely perfect, the coating is perfectly done, and the rifle looks really nice. And once you inserted the magazine, you know that this rifle is solid and powerful. Magazine fitment is very nice, no wobble. The magpul shell will fit into the receiver perfectly. You only need to modify the internal for the BB inner case.
 The outer barrel is 100% CNC processed, and made out of one piece solid high carbon steel.
 Front Sight Block, Gas Block, and Rear Sight Block
 There is no wobble, and all of them are aligned perfectly straight.
 Rear Sight
 The rear sight details are nice, the color is grey (not oil base paint), with vivid white numbering.
 The trunnions and receiver is assembled nicely, and the riveting is done delicately.
 The grip is thin, just like the real one. You can see four screws underneath which used to fix the grip to the motor.
 The AKM hop up design is similar to the Reformation Hop up, with the magazine loaded to the rifle, you can adjust the hop up from the right side while shooting. After testing, we are sure that there is no air leak from the hop up. All power is delivered to the barrel.
 The handguards, and stock are made out of solid wood. The external finishing looks great, however we believe that it is not made out of fancy wood. For those who do not like wood, all the exterior furniture are compatible with real steel.
 The right side of the rifle.
 Just like the real one, black oxide finish was done to the steel components.
 The design of the magazine case is just like the real steel. But the lips may be removed when exported to certain countries. Depends on the regulation in your area.
 The buttstock cover can be removed easily, it is held by magnets on both side. Due to varieties of batteries, the internal of the stock is enlarged, so the wall of the stock is thin and may not be suitable for strong impact.
 The cylinder is fixed to the gearbox. Unlike the M4 design, which sometime sector gear missed the last teeth of the piston. We believe that that kind of problem will not happened with the CELCIUS AKM.
 The spring can be removed easily for upgrade or downgrade. And the opening behind the cylinder is a good design. Because there is no air resistant, the piston can move backward more easily when pulled. With high power spring, you can feel the recoils from the piston.
 Most of the internal parts and all electronics are compatible with the M4 TW.
 The inner barrel is made out of stainless steel. It is tight, ported, and crowned. Total length 430mm / 16.92 inch.
 The piston assembly, nozzle B, o-rings, are 100% compatible with the M4.
 The gearbox is similar to the training weapon gearbox. The ECU placement, sector gear with the planetary gears is exactly the same like the M4. The sun gear and spur gears are not helical because CELCIUS wants these gears to be compatible with the M4. And the other reason is because the gears are made out of high carbon steel, and the material is too hard to be cut with standard gear cutter; so CELCIUS use wire-cut processing. Wire cutting marks can be seen on the surface of the gears.
 AKM Specifications
 ECU & Motor:
 Celcius Dynamic ECU™ - Semi & Full Auto (Compatible with aftermarket M4 ECU)
 Race MOSFET board with Silver-Plated conductors (Compatible with aftermarket M4 MOSFET)
 Typhoon IV Motor (Compatible with M4 Training Weapon)
  6.03mm Reformation Barrel IV for AKM – Stainless Steel
  One Piece CNC processed Steel Outer Barrel
 Cylinder - Muzzle Velocity
  400FPS 1.5 Joule (Hong Kong Version)
  Can be modified without additional cost, leave a note in the remark column. IMPORTANT! Because of the law/regulation in Hong Kong, we will not upgrade the spring over 2 J.
 *All AKM Cylinder Components are compatible with CTW M4 Series\' cylinder, except the Case, Cylinder Head, Spring Guide, and Nozzle A
  CELCIUS AKM Stamped Receiver
  CTW AKM Planetary Gearbox
  AKM 150 Rounds High Speed Magazine Inner Case (Compatible with Real AKM Steel Magazine Case)
  AKM Steel Case (Russian Spine Stamped Version)
 Recommended Battery:
  300-400FPS | 1 – 1.4 Joule: Lipo 11.1v 1200mAh 20C
  450-600FPS | 1.5 – 3.3 Joule: Lipo 11.1v 2400mAh 20C / 14.8v 1400mAh 25C
 Weight  4000 g
 Price  US$ 1,000.00
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